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Rims on the River, Downtown Lifestyle Tour, Stand Up... Fans of classic cars will gather in downtown Wilmington this weekend for Rims on the River, our annual homage to the great cars of days gone by. Ready to give up cutting the grass every weekend? ...

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The Azalea Festival, Chowder Cook Off, Hammerheads... A Queen, Wide Spread Panic, blooming flowers, art and seersucker suits can only mean one thing.  It's time for the 2014 Azalea Festival.  Meanwhile, the lovely aromas from Pleasure Island promise another...

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The Highs of March What do theater, bourbon, restaurants, adult events, tea, the Civil War, books and networking all have in common?  They're all on deck around Wilmington.  Theater fans will really enjoy the next couple...

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Pi and all things green An album release, Pi day, St. Patrick's day, a follow  up to Oscar's best movie, a provocative debate, our great  waterways and more events are among the highlights of the next couple of  weeks. ...

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Happy Presidents Day! Want to sing with a group? Find out what ham radio is all about? Enjoy Wilmington's famous "Art For All"?  Taste a beer at a beerfest? Splash in the Polar Plunge for a good cause?  Or enjoy any of the...

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Which restaurant has our Iron Chef???

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What is Wilmington’s best restaurant?  That’ a question that will start a heated discussion in a hurry around here.  Fire on the Dock is taking that question to a whole new level with a toque to toque competition.  It’s an “Iron Chef” style competition that leads to a North Carolina competition.

This NC Department of Agriculture sponsored event is a series of 15 dinners on 15 nights featuring matchups between two area chefs each night.  That night’s competitors will each offer three courses to that evening’s diners.  Those diners will decide which restaurant ‘won’ and goes on to the next level of competition.   

This year’s FOTD features Dockside, Cape Fear Country Club, RX, The Oceanic, Blcokade Runner, Southern Exposure, Circa 81, King Neptune, YoSake, Bald Head Island, Persimmons, South Beach Grill, 22 North, Elijah’s, Cameo 1900 and Sweet and Savory.

The setup is familiar to any fan of basketball playoffs. The teams (restaurants) are paired up and the winner advances to play other winners in the bracket. The first round is Dockside v CFCC, Rx v The Oceanic, etc. through Cameo 1900 and Sweet and Savory. Dinners are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from February 18, to April 3.

Want to see your favorite chef move ahead? Sign up to dine on their night and vote them forward

Here’s the official description of the event:   “The “Got To Be NC” Competition Dining Series is unlike any other dinner experience in the country! Taste course-by-course during a series of 15 dinner competitions hosted in five regions of the state throughout the year. Each evening, two restaurants “battle” it out side by side in a single elimination, “Iron Chef”-style format. As our guest, you get to savor a six-course menu (three courses from each chef without knowing whose food you’re tasting) created around a “secret” North Carolina ingredient. The featured ingredient is revealed to the chefs at noon the day of their battle and it must be used in each of their three courses.”

Here’s the full first round schedule (below).  To sign up for one of the dinners, click here to get to the registration page.

Feb. 18

Scott Grimm of Dockside versus Antoine Murray of Cape Fear Country Club

Feb. 19

James Doss of Rx versus Thomas Mobely of The Oceanic

Feb. 20

Mark Lawson of Blockade Runner- East Oceanfront Dining versus Joanie Babcock of Southern Exposure

Feb. 25

Clark Merrell of Circa 81 versus Shane Tyner of King Neptune

Feb. 26

Josh Woo of Yo Sake versus Mark Andrews of Bald Head Island Club

Feb. 27

Gerry Fong of Persimmons versus James Rivenbark of South Beach Grill

March 4

Brent Poteat of 22 North versus Pat Greene of Elijah’s

March 5

Kristen Mitchell of Cameo 1900 versus Josh Petty of Sweet and Savory

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