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Very Special Around Here Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  It's a good time to take a moment and thank a Veteran for his or her service to our nation.  The folks at South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach will be doing this on a grand...

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Horror and laughs and art, oh my Halloween is in the air.  The Cape Fear Playhouse has all kinds of scary shows and the ghost walk takes on special spice.  Downtown holds its Art Blast.  And there're plenty of places to laugh. Enjoy...

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Celebrating the River, Cool Kitchens and a whole lot... The next fortnight is highlighted with a celebration of the river, a tour into some of our historic homes' kitchens, and North Carolina art.   Riverfest comes to town this weekend and the Back Door Kitchen...

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Special Fall Events Keep Rolling Out Some of our highlights this week and next The Best of the Best ArtistsState of the Art/Art of the State returns to Cameron Art Museum next weekend.  Folks who enjoyed this exhibit in 2011 will be sure...

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Enjoy Wilmington this week From Wahines to books to music to theater there's a bit of everything around Wilmington these weeks.  Read on for some of the highlights or go directly to Events.EnjoyWilmington.com to find everything. Check...

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Tour a cool kitchen, see a cool car, get cool for Halloween or just be cool

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ROW’s famous Back Door Kitchen tour comes to downtown this weekend as does the Port City Hot Rod show.  Cars and kitchens, something for everyone.  Our tours by land and be sea are great ways to get to know the area.    We also have soccer, runs and tennis for the sports minded, books and authors for the literary among us, history for those that want to learn from the past, theater, music, food and beverage and much more.   Find all your events, restaurants, lodging and fun on the website at EnjoyWilmington.com.  And don’t forget your sunscreen.  The beaches are always great.

Imagine a Kitchen that…

Is designed for a party because it’s in the middle of the house.  Don’t we always end up in the kitchen?  Or a kitchen that brings in the outdoors so you can feel as if you are dining in a garden.  Maybe you’d like one that meets the needs of young parents and their kids.  Or sees the river as a forever river, sort of like a forever pool.  All these are part of the Back Door Kitchen Tour that’s set for this Saturday, October 12, in the historic downtown.  ROW, Residents of Old Wilmington, will be opening nine kitchens in historic homes for tours.  You can find more about the tour and secure tickets at www.RoWilmington.org/tour

Maybe hotrods are more your thing

The Port City Hot Road show takes place the same day as the Back Door Kitchen Tour.  Antique vehicles will be on display in downtown Wilmington during this show.  Combine the two events and see a historic home and a historic car!  The Hot Road Show is 10 am to 5 pm.  You can find more about this event HERE.

Get in a Halloween state of mind

Halloween is big around here.  And the run-up to it is growing every year.  Wilmington has its usual ghostly events such as the Ghost Walk and the Haunted Pub Crawl. Both having that little something extra this time of year.  And then there are all the haunted houses.  The Battleship goes ‘batty’ with its Batty Battleship ‘décor.’  Panic Attack Haunted Attraction is open every weekend.  This year it has an added twist.  It will be open the two days after Halloween so you can see the scary stuff in the light.  And the Rocky Horror Show comes to Thalian Hall right after Halloween.  Yep, all your friends from Janet to Dr. Frank-n-furter  will be on stage.  It can serve as a kind of wind down from Halloween.  The NC Aquarium is in on the Halloween act along with the Cape Fear Museum and Oakdale Cemetery. The sports world even gets into the act with a Trick Or Treat Doubles tennis tournament.  Go to events and scroll through.  You’ll definitely want to plan on being on Front Street in downtown for Halloween.  That’s where all the ghosts and ghouls come out.

For that inner athlete yearning to be set free

Both Cape Fear Community College and UNC Wilmington soccer teams will be defending their turf in the next couple of weeks.  UNCW Seahawks soccer takes on Drexel, James Madison and College of CharlestonCFCC Sea Devils soccer defends against Spartanburg Methodist.  Go Sea Devils!  Go Seahawks!  Goooooallll!

The Cancer Society folks hold their fundraising walk downtown on the 19th.  It’s a great chance to do some good and get some exercise.   They’ll be gathering at 2nd St. and Walnut St.  5K and 1K walk runs are very popular around here.  They are also a great tevent if you’re visiting and would like to meet some of us local folks.

You can learn more about these and other sports events at Our Sports.  Be sure to click on the little magnifying glass for more details.

Land and Water Tours

We have boat tours on the river and the sound, we have Hollywood walks and food walks, and we even have a Horse Drawn Carriage ride.  The Henrietta III and Wilmingtonian provide tours on the Cape Fear River.  The horse drawn carriage rides cover Historic Downtown Wilmington as do a host of walking tours.  They are all great ways to Enjoy Wilmington.  Find the boat cruises HERE and the land tours HERE.

The Theatre

With Thalian Hall, the Scottish Rite Temple, the Hannah Block Center, Red Barn Studio, Kenan Auditorium, Level 5 and more we have all kinds of live theater venues.   Folks Ain’t Misbehavin is at the Scottish Rite Temple.  It’s a great show, particularly if you like music.    Willy Wonka auditions are coming to the Hannah Block Center.  There are roles for kids and adults.  Coming soon are The Graduate and The Rocky Horror Show.

Find all the thespian events at Our Theater.  Look under the little magnifying glass for more details of each event.

Foodies of the World!

Restaurant Week is coming.  Encore magazine organizes a spring and fall restaurant week.  The fall event begins October 23, and runs for a week.  This is a great time to check out that restaurant you’ve been meaning to get to.  We also have wonderful wine tastings, almost every night of the week!  Get the details for both HERE.

And that’s not all

You can find the whole schedule on the website.  It’s at Our Events.   Or you can focus in.  You can find our history events at Our History.  You can nature events at Our Nature.  You can find our books and talks at Our Books and Talks.   You can find Dance events HERE.  You can find comedy events HERE.  Some information on our beaches is at Our Beaches.  We have restaurants for every palette and wallet.  You can find a complete searchable listing at Dine Here (look under the binoculars for the search tool that lets you focus by cuisine or area).  And you can find lodging at Our Hotels and more. Use the search function (look for the binoculars) to refine your search on all of these searches.

Find your nonprofit

We have a robust nonprofit community around southeastern North Carolina.  You can find a great directory of nonprofits at www.WilmingtonGivesBack.org or find a calendar of nonprofit events at SENC Nonprofit Events.

Our Nonprofit Event of the Week

Residents of Old Wilmington holds its heralded Back Door Kitchen Tour this October 12.  Nine beautiful and creative kitchens are opened for you to visit.  Proceeds go to support various downtown improvements.  If you’ve ever noticed Southern Hospitality, the Venus Flytrap sculpture at the foot of Market Street then you’ve seen one result of the tour.    Details at Back Door Kitchen Tour.

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