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'Tis The Season Wilmington loves this time of the year.  We have tree lightings, special seasonal shows, exhibits and a host of seasonal activities for young and old.   Looking for a new idea for your Christmas Tree?...

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Very Special Around Here Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  It's a good time to take a moment and thank a Veteran for his or her service to our nation.  The folks at South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach will be doing this on a grand...

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Horror and laughs and art, oh my Halloween is in the air.  The Cape Fear Playhouse has all kinds of scary shows and the ghost walk takes on special spice.  Downtown holds its Art Blast.  And there're plenty of places to laugh. Enjoy...

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Celebrating the River, Cool Kitchens and a whole lot... The next fortnight is highlighted with a celebration of the river, a tour into some of our historic homes' kitchens, and North Carolina art.   Riverfest comes to town this weekend and the Back Door Kitchen...

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Special Fall Events Keep Rolling Out Some of our highlights this week and next The Best of the Best ArtistsState of the Art/Art of the State returns to Cameron Art Museum next weekend.  Folks who enjoyed this exhibit in 2011 will be sure...

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Make Wilmington Part of Your Holiday Tradition

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Wilmington goes all out to make the holidays special.  As we move towards the important holiday of Christmas we also have some fun with the ‘fun’ events like the Mayan’s End of The World and the new beginnings celebration of the New Year. Theaters, musicians, artists, restaurateurs, they all get in the act.  Make Wilmington part of your Holiday Fest!

Special Holiday Events

We’re definitely getting very Christmas focused around here.  Santa Claus is showing up all over the place (never did figure out how he could be in so many places at once).  He’s even going to be diving with the fishies at the NC Aquarium the 23rd, and 24th.  It’s stressful delivering all those gifts in one night so he’ll relax in his scuba gear and play with the rats, eels and sharks.

Trains are one of the iconic symbols of this time of year.  How many kids have looked for the trains under the tree?  Our local railroad buffs jump right in to fill that need for the 12 year old in all of us with special shows at the Wilmington Railroad Museum and an elaborate display at Independence Mall.  The museum has its Polar Express Family Show and its Train and Light Spectacular.  The Mall has the Train Expo. Whooo, whooo.

Looking for something to remind you that Christmas is a religious holiday?  Try the Organ Recitals for the Season of Advent at First Presbyterian.  Enjoy the organists’ performance and then stick around for lunch. 

You’ll find more events on the calendar at Holiday Events.

And right after Christmas comes New Year’s, another holiday the folks around Wilmington like to celebrate in a big way.  You can ring in the New Year from our River.  Henrietta III, our historic paddle wheeler, has a special New Year’s eve cruise and celebration.  The Children’s Museum reprises its New Year’s Noon for the younger set.  Give the kids their own celebration of the New Year at noon.  Our newest entrant to the entertainment scene, TheatreNow, is offering the Moulin Rouge.  Can Can Dancers, a special meal, and more specials are offered at two seatings.  There’s more to do on the website at What To Do.  (Tip when you reach the events page, click on the little magnifying glass for additional information.)

Consider a nature walk at Carolina Beach State Park on New Year’s day.  The Ranger will show you around.  It’s a good way to start the New Year.  Find more about these events at Our Nature.

It’s the End of the World

At least that’s one interpretation of the Mayan Calendar.   If its really going to end then great music at The Whiskey has a grande finale.  They’re holding a special ‘goodbye’ show Thursday night. 

You can find more about this event and all sorts of Wilmington Music at Our Music.

The Farmer’s Market Closes Out

Saturday is the last Farmer’s Market of 2012.  Head down to the Wilmington Riverfront and enjoy products from local farmers, producers, artists and crafters.  They’ll be back in April.  You can find details on the Farmer’s Market, and other fun things, at Our Fun.

Release your inner Thespian

Cape Fear Playhouse is holding auditions for Harvey.  They’re held this evening.  The show will go on in the spring.

Later this month, Thalian Hall will be presenting Monty Python’s Spamalot.  It’s lovingly ripped off from the motion picture and promises to be a treat for everyone.  It’s also a great chance to see the talent in our community.  Spamalot opens December 18, and runs through January 12.  There’s a special Gala version New Year’s Eve.  You can find details at Our Theater.


All that rich food over the holidays.  What to do?  Head out to the Fourth Friday ArtWalk and visit downtown galleries.  You’ll stimulate your mind and have a good time. 

The Cameron Art Museum has a promising new exhibit featuring Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald.  An icon of the 1920s, named “the first American Flapper” by her husband, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (July 24, 1900 – March 10, 1948) longed to be known as something other than just the wife of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.  For years after their marriage and up until her death, Zelda threw herself into several creative outlets including dance, writing and painting.  The CAM’s exhibition explores her creativity with 32 framed artworks created from 1927 through the late 1940s, on loan from the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and Ms. Eleanor Lanahan, granddaughter of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, along with reproductions of historical photographs from the F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers of Princeton University Library. Parfois La Folie Est la Sagesse (Sometimes Madness is Wisdom) comes from Zelda herself.  This was the title she gave to an exhibition of her work at the Cary Ross Gallery in New York City in 1934.

You can get details about the Walk, the Cameron show and more at Our Art.


There’s always lots of music around here.  Find something to your tune at Our Music.

The Silver Screen

Cinematique brings A Late Quartet to Thalian Hall this week.  It’s the 25th anniversary of a great quartet when one of the four is diagnosed with the early symptoms of Parkinson’s.  Christopher Walken, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Mark Ivanir and Imogen Poots star in this drama. Find details at Our Film.

And there’s more

Find something for the kids at Kids Events. We have Sports at Our Sports. Or just check out the whole schedule at Our Events. We have all kinds of restaurants that you can find and search at Dine Here. And you can find lodging at Our Hotels and more. Use the search function (look for the binoculars) to refine your search.

Looking Ahead

The New Year and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. We’ve already listed a few events and more will be populating the calendar soon. It’s another great opportunity to Enjoy Wilmington.  And the New Year brings another year of great events around Wilmington.

Find your nonprofit

We have a robust nonprofit community around southeastern North Carolina. You can find a great directory of nonprofits at www.WilmingtonGivesBack.org or find a calendar of nonprofit events at SENC Nonprofit Events.

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